If you need any help obtaining benefits on this site, please contact Corestream directly at 1-855-990-3300.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is UMass Compass?
    UMass Compass is a brand-new online platform designed to allow you to seamlessly learn about and enroll in your voluntary benefits. In conjunction with the launch of UMass Compass, three new voluntary benefits will be available.
  2. What are “voluntary benefits”?
    Voluntary benefits are benefit options offered by UMass to our benefited faculty and staff for which the employee pays the full cost. However, UMass has worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that the voluntary benefits we offer provide the highest quality at the most affordable price to you.
  3. What are the voluntary benefits available as of the launch date of UMass Compass?

    There are three voluntary benefits available as of January 1, 2019. These are:

    • Auto and Home Insurance featuring coverage options through Liberty Mutual, MetLife, and Travelers. UMass Compass also includes a new, convenient, online Auto Insurance Quoting Tool.
    • MetLaw Legal Protection Services, offered by Hyatt Legal
    • UMass Discount Program
  4. When will UMass Compass be available?
    UMass Compass will formally launch on January 1, 2019.
  5. How do I navigate to UMass Compass?
    Visit www.umassp.edu/connect and click on the link to access UMass Compass.
  6. I'm an employee. How do I sign up?
    When accessing this site, please sign in using your existing Network system logon username and password. Please verify that all fields are complete, ensuring that your last name matches the way it appears on your paycheck. If you need assistance, contact customer service at customerservice@corestream.com or call 1-855-990-3300.
  7. Tell me more about the Auto Insurance Quoting Tool.
    This tool allows you to enter your information and receive quotes on auto insurance policies that best fit your coverage needs and budget. You’ll receive quotes from three of the top insurance carriers in the industry: Liberty Mutual, MetLife, and Travelers. After you pick the quote that best fits your coverage needs, you’ll be provided with a number to call to confirm coverage and set up your policy.
  8. Tell me more about MetLaw Legal Protection Services offered by Hyatt Legal.
    This benefit helps to manage the cost of legal expenses by providing pre-paid representation services through Hyatt Legal, a MetLife company. It provides peace of mind for situations in which you may need legal services, including traffic tickets, estate planning, and much more. Full details will be available on the UMass Compass site.
  9. Tell me more about the UMass Discount Program.
    The UMass Discount Program offers savings on a variety of products and services, from everyday items to gifts and experiences. Electronics, computers, apparel, gifts, movie tickets, concert tickets, and amusement park tickets are just a few examples of items you can purchase at a discount through the program.
  10. Do I have to wait for Open Enrollment to participate in these benefits?
    You are free to take advantage of the discount program and auto and home insurance products at any time. However, if you wish to enroll in MetLaw Legal Protection Services, you must do so between January 1 and January 31, 2019 for coverage effective March 1, 2019. If you do not enroll during January 2019, you will have to wait until the next annual enrollment period to enroll, unless you are a new hire.
  11. Is this similar to the UMass Extras program we had a few years back?
    UMass Compass will offer a more robust and comprehensive set of voluntary benefits to help you get more from the UMass Directions benefits program.
  12. Will more benefits be added to the UMass Compass platform?
    Yes! In 2019 and beyond, UMass will be working to continue to grow its suite of voluntary benefits options. We will provide additional communications when new benefit options are added to UMass Compass. Stay tuned to learn more in the months to come!
  13. Can I enroll in these benefits online?
    Yes! Part of the beauty of the Compass platform is that it works seamlessly with the UMass benefits system to allow online enrollment and administration. UMass Compass represents state-of-the-art technology to allow you to enroll in voluntary benefits quickly and easily.
  14. Can my friends and family use the site?
    Your family may be able to take advantage of the discount shopping offers but for products that require payroll deduction, the employee will need to be enrolled or elect coverage for eligible family members. Friends should not have access to this site.
  15. I just signed up for a program through one of the insurance carriers. How long will it take before I see the deduction on my paycheck?
    Depending on the program, your deduction will begin within the next 2 pay cycles. All programs that are available on the website will be paid by a single consolidated deduction shown as "Corestream Voluntary Benefits" on your paycheck.
  16. I signed up for more than one benefit that is available on the website. Will I see multiple deductions on my paycheck?
    No. All programs that are available on the website will be paid by one consolidated deduction shown as "Corestream Voluntary Benefits" on your paycheck. You will be able to see a breakdown of your deductions on the Umass Compass website. Please visit Umass Compass and select “My Deduction History” under “My Tools” to access your information.
  17. I noticed the payroll deduction amount for my legal plan varies. Why is that?
    Deduction premiums are taken based on the number of pay checks in a month, however the total annual premium doesn’t vary. For example, if the monthly deduction is $18.25 and you have two pay checks in the month, your deduction amount will be $9.13 on your first check and $9.12 on your second check.  If there are three pay checks in the month, your deduction will be $6.08 on the first two checks and $6.09 on the third one.  Please refer to the University’s Pay Calendar for the current pay check schedule.  If you have additional questions about your voluntary benefit deductions, please contact customer service at customerservice@corestream.com or call 1-855-990-3300.
  18. Are the deductions pre-tax or after-tax?
    All voluntary benefits deductions, managed through Corestream, are after-tax.
  19. I am having an issue accessing the Deduction History. Who do I contact?
    You must first log in to the Umass Compass site to access your deduction history report. Deduction History is available through the My Tools menu. If you are having any issues with the registration or login you may email Umass Compass customer service at customerservice@corestream.com or call 1-855-990-3300.
  20. Who do I contact if I have a question or problem with a service or plan that I signed up for?
    Umass Compass does not sell products or fulfill orders – the relationship formed is directly between you and the insurance carrier or vendor. Each insurance carrier or vendor has a customer service email and phone number. You may also contact Umass Compass customer service for assistance at 1-855-990-3300 if you need to escalate.
  21. How do I cancel my coverage?
    If you are a participant in a program with a carrier and would like to cancel, please refer to the cancellation process below. Please allow 30 days for the cancellation to process.
    Cancellation Process by Product or Insurance Carrier:
    Hyatt Legal Plans
    The plan is a year-long commitment. Employees that wish to cancel their coverage may do so during their annual open enrollment period by logging into UMass Compass, going to the Hyatt Legal Plans page, clicking the enrollment link, and choosing "Cancel." Employees may also contact customer service by calling 1-855-990-3300.

    Liberty Mutual Auto and Home Insurance
    To make any changes to your policies, including cancellations or changes to payment options, please contact Liberty Mutual directly at 1-844-679-8730 or call a local office, which you can find at LibertyMutual.com. Please reference your policy number, which can be found in your insurance policy. States have different requirements based on DOI regulations.

    MetLife Auto and Home Insurance
    Cancellation policies differ by state; therefore, the Umass employee must call the MetLife Call center at 1-800-438-6388 for cancellation terms and processing.

    Travelers Auto and Home Insurance
    To cancel a Travelers Insurance policy, call the Travelers Customer Service Center at 1-888-695-4640. You’ll need to reference your policy number, which can be found in your Insurance policy. If the policy has been paid in full or is on direct bill, any refund on earned premium due will be sent to associate. In the case of payroll deduction, Travelers may need to take one or more final deductions until the policy is paid back to the cancel date since payroll deduction policies are billed in arrears.

  22. How do I receive my refund?
    If you require a refund for a product or service please contact the carrier or vendor directly to discuss details of the refund. Refunds may take between 30 to 60 days to process.